Getting Over It.

I’m twenty-something but I am still such a baby. It’s been two years since my dad passed away but I’m still so sad and I miss him so much. I wish he was still here so I can help him design more pamphlets for his ministry and proof-read his funny English. Up until the night […]

May your love annihilate me

“When my hand is in yours, all of paradise is mine. When you’re with me, what use have I for the world? May your love annihilate me.”  – Mere Haath Mein from Fanna What a deep and passionate verse. You can almost taste the desire in the words. Even though, I am a spinster – […]

First post.

A new place to rant because clearly facebook is not a good place to write things that will be read by one’s nosy family members. Welcome to Spinsters and the Epitome of Whatnots. I am Miss Spinster and here will be the trivial accounts of my daily life. I hope to brighten your day with […]